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With more than 10 years of real estate experience, the NYUS team works to develop high quality residential high-rise, mid-rise, mixed use and suburban projects. Through the years, the organization has and continues to partner with industry experts, while also demonstrating long-term financial strength that enables NYUS Regional Center to consistently deliver world-class projects.

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NYUS's comprehensive property management services handle everything necessary including; advertising, leasing, facilities maintenance and construction, response to tenant emergencies and service requests, supervision of janitorial services, building security and fiscal responsibilities such as timely payment of bills, taxes, mortgages, insurance and financial reporting.

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NYUS Regional Center is offering foreign investors:

  • A sound investment opportunity to complete capitalization of real estate development projects located in desirable locations

  • Fast-track permanent, legal residency in the U.S. for investors and their qualified immediate family without the usual roadblocks and/or red tape of the traditional immigration process

  • The opportunity to share in the profits of the project

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